Top 8 Effective ASO Guides for Android Apps on Google Play Store


App store optimisation is a process that needs continuous watch, updates and observation according to changing needs and trends of an app. ASO for Android is different in comparison to doing ASO for iOS. App Store Optimisation is the key to success through which you can directly increase the rate of downloads; there are no. of ways through which you can optimize your app and boost app rankings as well as increase daily installs with more positive reviews and higher ratings and it will ultimately result in bringing your app in top search, in top featured list. If question arises anywhere to promote your app the first thing to work on is ASO. App Store Optimisation helps in higher ranking of your app in the Google based search results and gives you more organic downloads by buy android installs.

Top 8 effective guides for ASO –

  1. App Title-

App title is the first thing to come in mind and for which people search. So, it’s very important to pay some attention on it. App title must be catchy and speaks of its main work. It consists of 50characters where you can describe your app name to your users. It should be different from your competitors and pronounceable by buy ios installs.

  1. Short description-

Short description is also important to app indexes. It consists of only 80characters and should consist of highly relevant keywords. Core keywords must be together with. If you add emoji in your short description it will be interesting for your users. It has strong impact on ASO in the Google play Store.

  1. Long Description-

There is no characters limit in Long description as short description and app title but has 4000 characters much more than both. Here you can briefly describe your app features, functions and high volume keywords. Searchable description improves the position of app in search algorithm in Google Play Store. You can use highly targeted keywords first to define core features and last lines to improve rankings.

  1. App icon-

Icons are the only thing to remember your app. it should be highly distinguished from others and must be recognisable because it is the sole factor that indicates it’s the real one for which people search. Icon must be attractive. Prefer High resolution icons whenever publish your app on Google Play store. It should be strong, effective and its better if you put your app title name first’s letter in some unique stylish way that simply makes your app different.

  1. Screenshots-

Screenshots to give a glance, a glimpse of an app. It describes more briefly, it’s like promo posters. Google play allows min screenshots 2 but you can be allowed to add 8screenshots for every supported device. You can add creative screenshots in different font styles and themes which attract users mind which made them pay some attention to that. It should not be difficult to understand screenshots,it must be easily understandable and in common language.

  1. Promotional videos-

Promotional videos are nowadays trending. It really works very effectively and efficiently. People don’t find it any kind of annoying or irritating but sincerely a very creative idea of letting them know about some product and its features and if they find it interesting they go playstore through link given below video and download, install it. It raises download rate very fast at an increasing speed. The only boundaries are time limit that restricts you from 30seconds to 2minutes long only. It is most powerful thing nowadays and really customers are affected greatly all depends on video quality and its way of presenting. Some people create very creative, artistic videos which catches attention of people and they welcome new ideas, new way of presentation. It also receives likes, views and comments. Just enter in the URL of video ‘promo video’.

  1. Developer’s name-

Try to add some keywords to the developer’s name. It helps getting better ranks.

  1. URL –

URL or Package can be a very important, significant ranking factor for an app store search. Be smart with your URL because once it is set you can’t mess with it second time. Keywords you can include which make rankings strong.

Why Is APP STORE OPTIMSATION so important?

Below given answers may insist you to work on your App Store Optimisation.

  1. Higher Rankings-

App store optimisation is so important because it works on your rankings; it boosts your rankings to come up. For keywords and categories you can improve rankings and ASO allows you for that.

  1. Increases no. of downloads –

This is universal truth that ASO brings you more and more natural organic downloads. You get more of positive reviews and ratings as well. Frequent updates and quality features, promotional videos, good presentation pure visibility gives boost to your download rate.

  1. Organic Growth –

Paid downloads may boost your app for sometime but you need organic growth that comes from ASO. Working on ASO strengthens app from inside and outside both; it brings natural installs with high retention rate. More of installs and high retention rate are two mixtures that energize your app to go up in ranking.

  1. credibility-

ASO builds higher credibility by bringing rank up and in top featured list. Apps in top featured list are the best they have everything like good features, good visibility, downloads, ratings, good reviews and quality functions.

  1. Beating Competition –

By properly working on your app’s visibility you can beat competition and stand out from it. There is millions of app and you have to use your mind smartly, tactfully to make your app elegantly different like buy app installs.